Hacks For Choosing Chemical Protection Gloves

Employers in Singapore are tasked with the responsibility of matching the right glove with each application or task. The selection of correct chemical protection gloves starts with a hazard assessment. This process helps identify the chemicals or combination of chemicals and their properties a job requires.

Collecting this information is vital when selecting chemical protection gloves. Some of the important facts that influence chemical protection gloves selection include temperature of the chemicals, frequency and duration of contact, and chemicals being handled, to mention a few.

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the things you should keep in mind when planning to buy the ideal chemical protection gloves for your employees.


Degradation is one of those terms you should understand when planning to buy chemical protection gloves. It is merely a change in physical properties of the glove material. Common effects include wrinkling, swelling and stiffness or any other physical deterioration. The degradation rate indicates how well a glove will hold up when working with a specific chemical.

Either way, the glove material mostly has constant exposure to the test chemical or the percent weight change is then determined at time intervals. It is usually the first test conducted. Remember, a good number of manufacturers don’t test permeation or breakthrough time if the chemical causes significant degradation to the glove material.

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Permeation Rate

Permeation rate is a measurement that is aimed at describing the rate of the chemical passing through the glove material at the molecular level. This process is quite similar to how a balloon loses air after enough time lapses even though it’s still tied and has no visible holes. The thickness of chemical protection gloves can have greatly affect the permeation rate.

Final Thoughts

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) addresses the need for hand protection. As an employer, you need to ensure your employees have the right chemical protection gloves. Anything other than this could land your company in deep problems considering it risks your employees’ health and lives.

Luckily, you can now get your hands on the highest quality chemical protection gloves online. The catch lies in finding a reputable online Personal Protective Equipment dealer in Singapore to leverage, and you’re good to go. One manufacturer that’s definitely worth your time and attention when buying chemical protection gloves online in Singapore is the renowned UVEX.

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