Inpatient Drug Rehab: What to Avoid in Treatment Programs

Overcoming a drug addiction problem is a journey full of ups and downs. Sometimes you can’t handle it on your own, especially when the addiction is severe. If you’re realizing that you need to go to treatment to save your own life, then you really want to choose your rehab program carefully.

But what should you really look for in a rehab program? What are the red flags to avoid?  In this post, we will take you through the top warning signs that a rehab program is all hype and no substance.

Lack of Structured Treatment Approach

It goes without a saying; if an addiction treatment representative is not willing to give you a direct answer as to the therapeutic approach to leverage, take it as a big red flag. There is nothing wrong when a facility uses a variety of treatment approaches, many top programs do.

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But don’t just accept a generic answer from the treatment representative such as, ‘We use a lot of different approaches.’ Get specific: Which treatments can you expect during your stay? If the prospective inpatient drug rehab facility doesn’t have a structured treatment approach, be sure to look elsewhere.

No Admittance Criteria

Always keep a close eye for an inpatient drug rehab program that lacks clear admissions criteria. If you go to a rehab facility that welcomes just about anyone, then chances are you will have a more stressful and challenging experience. Instead, be sure to seek out a program with a more rigorous admission criteria.

It would be better to find a facility that actually turns away individuals who aren’t a good fit for the program. You want to be close to a group of people who are dedicated to healing and wholeness, not those who are resistant to treatment.

Not every inpatient drug rehab program is worth your attention. That’s why it pays off to spend some time doing a bit of research before seeking professional help with your addiction problem. Hopefully, this simple guide can help you get the most from an inpatient drug rehab centre.

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