What are the popular types of earrings?

A women’s attire is made up of various items. It’s not like wearing a saree or gown with high heels only. Various items together made a women’s elegant attire. One of the most important items is earrings. Without earrings, the attire is incomplete. Imagine yourself a well-dressed woman with no earrings? Doesn’t it feel empty or incomplete? That’s why women’s earrings cannot be neglected. Here we have come up with some of the popular types of earrings that are wearable for multiple occasions. Let’s look at them.

Some popular types of earrings

●       Statement Drop Earrings

By far the most popular and most used earrings are statement drop earrings. As the name suggests, they do make a statement. They are stylish and elegant along with a heavy feel. However, they do seems to be heavy but are not. When used with traditional attires, they elevate the overall presence of a woman. No wonder why they are the most popular ones.

●       Huggies Hoop earrings

Huggie Hoop earrings are round in nature and look like complete circles. They are usually attached to ear lobes. They don’t have the traditional back like other earrings. These circles are covered with stylish jewelry materials that attract attention from every side. Also, they are very easy to wear and remove.

●       Ear Thread

We can guess from the name that these earrings are like thread in appearance. These thread-type looking earrings are for women who don’t like heavy earrings but also want to leverage the earring look. These are very lightweight and thus provide an easy-going look. Therefore, if you are someone looking for lightweight and simple earrings then you can search for Ear threads.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the popular earring types, there are many other types of earrings available in the market. However, statement drop earrings are one of the best and most rated earring types. They are easily available and can be taken for any occasion. If you want to explore more of this type, then you can visit the Eden+Elie website. They have one of the best collections of earrings. Not only that but they are also regarded as the best store to purchase earrings. Here, you can find earrings for every occasion. Therefore, you must give it a try for your earring needs.

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What are the popular types of earrings?

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