Why You Should Leverage Biometric Time Attendance System

Gone are the days when the only available method of tracking employee attendance was pen and paper sheets. Biometric attendance systems are now becoming the weapon of choice for many businesses trying to minimize time theft and reduce costs related to lost productivity.While biometric is not full- proof solution, the advantages of biometric attendance system far outweigh any potential downsides? Below are some of the benefits that accompany using a biometric time attendance system.

BoostsEmployee Morale

While this list may focus may focus on all the ways to prevent bad actors form gaming the system, making sure that disobedience gets properly punished is only a half of the coin. Installing a biometric attendance system with the intention of clamping down on the time theft might be necessary but it can also sour the company culture and make employees feel resentful or paranoid.

Thatdrop in company morale can end up costing more in lost productivity than you otherwise might thought. However, just as you can use a biometric attendance system to identify lazy employees, you can use it to identify exemplaryemployees as well.

It is worth noting that motivation can often be broken down but lean too heavily on one another and the imbalance will rear its head. Instead, a better approach is to apply both punishment and reward though consider leaning more heavily on rewards. Employees will do the bare minimum to avoid the consequences but often go out of their way to obtain a reward.


Depending on the current method of tracking employee’s hours, verifying and collating payroll can be a laborious time consuming and expensive process. Thankfully, biometric attendance systems can simplify this service into an automated process that requires no additional overhead and it’s just as accurate as of its initial tracking functions.

As if that were not enough, the biometric attendance system also integrates with some of the most popular payroll software and services already on the market. Whether you use Tally ERP or QuickBooks, this system works seamlessly to automate the payroll which increases your ROI and mitigates other claims.

Final thoughts

The advantages of biometric attendance system outweigh the initial cost of setting them up, whether you look at it from an efficiency, investment or cultural perspective. Keep in mind your competition is likely not going to leave those profits. So the sooner you invest the better.

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